Create a live, multiplayer educational game to increase student engagement for any Nearpod lesson.

Nearpod, a leader in bringing technology into the classroom to enhance student learning, is getting “into the game” of game-based education, building off of recent research showing the extraordinary benefits of interactive games to increase student engagement.

For this ambitious project, we teamed up with PSF (Pro Software Factory) to build an interactive game module that could be added into any Nearpod lesson, transforming a standard multiple choice quiz into a fun and friendly competition among classroom peers to race one of 8 user-selected characters to the top of a mountain by answering questions both correctly and faster than the rest of their classmates! The development challenge involved in coding up this live gaming experience was the impetus for our exciting new joint venture with PSF, which has extended our agency profile from a creative design house to a full-fledged design/development team with absolutely no limits on what we are able to deliver for our clients!

  • Personalized Animation
  • Interactive Design
  • Custom Creative Design
  • User Experience
  • Gamification