Website design and development, social media strategy and management and Growth strategy for Switch Soft

Switch Soft is a Panamanian company that allows users to create and manage all aspects of their business remotely and securely. From online stores to electronic invoicing, Switch covers a wide range of necessities that an individual or company may have when entering the online world.

We designed and developed Switch’s new website, modernizing it, adding value to the content by reorganizing the valuable information they share, and taking it to a higher level with animations and interactions.

We worked on their social media presence and email marketing strategy, designed their digital signature and multiple marketing collaterals.

In the year of online sales, these types of tools made it much easier for small businesses and startups who did not have enough structure to take their products to the web and start exploring what was still an unknown world. We facilitated that goal by supporting Switch with communication strategies, material, and consultancy. 

The challenge with website development was having to simplify the huge amount of information they had on their website without losing value. Also, we focused on giving their website and all their social media presence a more customer-focused and less structured style.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Brand Extension
  • Custom Mobile Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Lead Gen