Brand Identity, website design and development, and collaterals for Lantos Technologies.

Lantos Technologies uses patented technology to map the unique 3D geometry of the ear. The Lantos membrane, which protects the camera and the client’s ear canal, is placed into the ear where it gently inflates and conforms to the curves of the ear. This controlled environment inside of the membrane, free of wax and debris, facilitates the accurate capture of over one million data points. The single-use membrane ensures maximum safety and hygiene while delivering a deep, precise ear scan that can be used to make any custom-fit earpiece.

We had to deliver a brand new logo, collateral assets, and a website in just a month of work. The brand had an old logo and aesthetic that wanted to refresh due to a re-launch of the company. We worked tirelessly with the team to achieve this and deliver materials that would make the company proud to show many years from now.

The client re-launched successfully and the refreshed look & feel created a great impact on their clients and audience. It gave the company a much-needed re-start visually, that represented their more internal re-start as an organization.

The client was deeply satisfied with the materials delivered and grateful for delivering something in such a short period of time while maintaining quality.

  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Custom Creative Design
  • Digital Marketing