Why SEO? Do I need it for my business?

Companies usually go to a digital agency or plan all their strategy around what they consider the #1 priority to succeed: digital marketing, digital advertising, or influencer marketing. BUT, did you know 93% of all online activities start with a search engine?

It’s a habit, users go to Google and search for whatever they are looking for so it’s only natural that’s the starting point of the vast majority of online activity.

  • 75% of searchers never click past the first page of results.

Users don’t go past the first page unless they haven’t found what they are looking for or what they are looking for is a niche term. This is even harder now since Google has added promoted search results which are non-organic search results (delivered by paid campaigns).

  • 70% to 80% of users completely ignore paid ads.

Paid Ads are good but natural, organic search is better since is higher quality traffic.

  • Google holds 74.19% of the search engine market in 2019. 

We should only care about Google, the rest of the search engines are obsolete.

  • Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t.

Content marketing is the best tool to attract genuine and quality traffic since a blog provides meaningful content for users while it creates indexable content, increasing your website ranking.

  • Leads from SEO are eight times more likely to become paying customers than those generated through traditional ad campaigns.

SEO attracts higher-quality users since they have engaged with your website more organically because they are actually looking for what you offer.

That’s why PSh has a Growth Department that focuses on these kinds of efforts, often overlooked by other Digital Marketing Agencies.