The secret to making ALL your customers feel unique

Making customers feel unique is not an easy job. Especially if there are thousands of them and hitting the SEND button for a massive email campaign seems like the easy way out.

Nearpod, an award-winning instructional platform that engages students with interactive learning experiences, came to us with this challenge: create a personalized marketing campaign to show the usage stats per user for the huge number of teachers they work with at schools and districts across the country, while also providing them an opportunity to share their feedback and ideas. Rather than send a boring spreadsheet, they wanted to hook their users in with something more visually exciting. Video seemed like the best option, but how could they produce more than 5000 personalized videos without having to hire an army of interns to do it?

Personalization, animation, automation, AND engagement—all together? Is that even possible?! The answer is YES, and it’s called Bodymovin Solutions (BMS)!

BMS is a platform that imports your audience’s data (attributes, interests, stats, etc.) and, based on their profiles, creates one master animation with multiple variables that is then used to generate an unlimited number of perfectly tailored, deeply engaging output videos. Bingo!

Nearpod wanted each of the school districts working with them to get an original and personalized overview of the usage that teachers were giving to the platform. All districts received a similar video, but showing their specific insights, such as number of teachers using the platform, students that joined a lesson, and the number of different activities completed.  Thousands of videos were generated in just a few hours, with each district receiving a special version customized just for them.

In an age where all of us are continuously bombarded with unappealing, boring and useless marketing emails, finding new resources and tools to break with the business-as-usual routine will make you stand out far above the rest and capture attention better than your competitors ever could!