Startups Getting to the Next Level

Anxious to be part of the digital transformation and acceleration that the context demands and needs, startups seek support in fields such as product, design, animation, digital marketing, and development.

In the very popular "edtech" world, worldwide award-winning companies like NearPod skyrocketed from a small company to being acquired for about $650 million by Renaissance Holding Corp., a Wisconsin-based global provider of education technology. Nearpod enables the creation of interactive lessons for all educational levels. The video and animation format takes the spotlight, with homeschooling being the new form of education to which millions of students and teachers are getting used to.

Other companies have focused on offering what consumers need today more than ever before: tools that allow them to work and grow online. Online stores, invoicing software, CRM are just some of the proposals of Switch Soft, a Panamanian company that allows users to create and manage all aspects of their business remotely and securely. In the year of online sales, these types of tools made it much easier for small businesses and startups who did not have enough structure to take their products to the web and start exploring what was still an unknown world.

And if we go to the healthcare field, there are lots of startups rapidly growing by offering dedicated services that adjust not only to their customers’ needs but also to the context. Ribbon Health provides healthcare companies with an API layer to get accurate data on doctors, insurance plans, costs, and quality of care. Life Home Care, a New Jersey company worth highlighting, provides home care services for seniors and patients with mobility difficulties and has grown a lot in a context where isolation forced everybody to stay home. Peer Collective is an affordable alternative to traditional mental health care. It radically increases access to high-quality mental health support through online peer counseling. 

Lantos Technologies uses patented technology to map the unique 3D geometry of the ear via a single-use membrane that, while ensuring maximum safety and hygiene, delivers a deep, precise ear scan that can be used to make any custom-fit earpiece.

Shift Health is a HIPAA compliant automation platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to help HCOs quickly eliminate repetitive operational tasks at scale.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining ground in every industry. Another startup that works based on AI is Cresta, whose powerful AI learns what top performers do differently and uses real-time coaching and guidance to share these best practices across teams, resulting in an expert at every customer touchpoint.

In another field and if we are spotlighting companies who are close to giving the big jump, we have ChartHop. ChartHop is an organizational management platform that automatically creates and updates org charts, builds headcount plans, and analyzes all your people data in one central hub, no spreadsheets needed.

What do these companies have in common? An unparalleled vision of the future, ambition, desire to grow. And us as their digital agency, accompanying their takeoff, giving support on social media, web development, design, and communication.