4 Cities for Digital Nomads

Initially reserved for fun-seeking outcasts, an on-the-road lifestyle has become a popular way of living. Digital nomads tend to live a minimalist lifestyle, working in virtual offices, coffee shops, or wherever there's a solid Wi-Fi connection. Keep in mind that, if you plan on working as a digital nomad, it may be advantageous to conduct business under an LLC for the sake of tax liabilities. A digital nomad lifestyle is also good for the planet as it reduces your carbon footprint, but it's reserved for certain industries. 

Progressive cities have embraced the influx of people trying to live a more authentic lifestyle, tailoring their business offerings to those needing to work on the road. Whether it's van life, coworking spaces, cheap rentals, or mobile homes, each of these cities offers something unique to budding entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Miami, FL

Miami is a pulsating city with abundant business connections and is a melting pot of finance, commerce, entertainment, and internet industries. It's an ideal city for beach-loving entrepreneurs seeking to network and connect with people in a variety of industries. Living a lifestyle of surf and sun is also a good motivator for a healthy work-life balance.

North Miami is a great choice, as rental costs are a lot lower than the Miami Beach area, but it still offers easy access to the beach and coworking spaces in the downtown area. Overall, the city isn't cheap, but the connections you make may be worth it. A few great places to work in Miami include LAB Miami, Miami Shared, and Tambo Works. 

Tempe, AZ

Tempe is the heart of Arizona's art and culture center and offers fantastic weather all year round. There's also a reliable transportation route that negates the need for a car, ideal for saving on costs.

If you're a digital nomad, your earnings might be somewhat unpredictable, which is why it's important to find a living space within your budget. Sites like have the search parameters to narrow down types of Tempe propertieswithin your budget. Whether it's pet-friendly places or an apartment with two rooms, you can usually find what you need. The average rental in Tempe costs about $1,500 per month. 

Charleston, SC 

In recent years, Charleston has become popular with digital nomads because of its abundant cheap rentals and easy access to coffee shops and coworking spaces, such as Local Works. The scenic cobblestone streets and miles of beaches will only enhance your quality of life. The bonus is that Charleston is a laid-back and friendly city, making it easy to form business connections. 

Portland, OR 

Portland offers an unsurpassed quality of life with its mountains, trails, streams, and array of RV parks. For digital nomads seeking an outdoor lifestyle in a city where the unconventional is appreciated, Portland might just be the ticket. You can save on costs by staying in a tiny home or renting an RV and working in one of the city's coffee shops. 

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

When choosing a city to live a more flexible working lifestyle, do your research about the cost of living, the reliability of Wi-Fi, public transport, and coworking spaces. These considerations will help you find the perfect location to travel to. Who knows? Within the same week you could use Los Angeles Dodgers tickets while working in California then head to a job in New York and catch a Broadway show. Ready to start life as a digital nomad?

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