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Elevating the Cycling Experience

PSh partnered with La Ruta, the renowned mountain bike race, to develop compelling marketing communication plans and create an immersive website that transformed participant engagement. The redesigned platform showcased La Ruta's legacy as the toughest cycling event on Earth while offering seamless support and dynamic communication channels.

La Ruta, a trailblazing mountain bike race adored by cyclists worldwide, collaborated with PSh to devise impactful marketing strategies. In a world where cycling symbolizes vitality, PSh and La Ruta joined forces to raise awareness about sponsored races, underscoring the event's global appeal and significance.

Revered for its unmatched challenges, La Ruta boasts a storied history. PSh embraced the privilege of crafting a new "Race La Ruta" website, a bilingual digital hub catering to English and Spanish-speaking participants. Our designers expertly channeled the event's intensity into the website's design, creating a virtual experience as grand as the race itself.

Seamless customer support became the cornerstone of participant satisfaction. PSh seamlessly integrated a dedicated support widget, a one-stop solution for instant assistance and information access. This innovation ensured participants felt equipped and empowered to tackle the rigors of the race head-on.

Leveraging Mailchimp integration, PSh enhanced communication with the La Ruta community. Regular newsletters brimming with updates, insider insights, and anticipatory excitement fueled engagement, fostering a vibrant community eagerly anticipating the monumental event.

The revamped, multilingual website served as the gateway to the event's exhilarating world. Bolstered by the support widget, participants felt embraced by unparalleled customer care, nurturing a sense of unity in the face of challenge.

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