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Content Production Development & Engineering Assembly UX/UI

Reshaping Education through Innovation

Kiddom, a team of dedicated educators, designers, and developers, sought PSh's assistance to expand their engineering team, gain rapid productivity, and tap into the EdTech market. PSh's solution involved assembling a new engineering cadre to collaborate with existing teams and develop new features. With a strong culture and deep EdTech knowledge, PSh's autonomous team worked closely with Kiddom's Product Owner to define the backlog and integrate seamlessly into various cadres. Together, they harnessed technology to revolutionize education, bridging the achievement gap and transforming the learning experience for both educators and students.

We understand the challenges faced by educators and students alike, with limited access to quality tools and resources. Our commitment to leveraging technology to level the educational playing field aligns perfectly with Kiddom's vision.

Our collaboration with Kiddom was pivotal in creating the Kiddom platform. By working hand in hand, we designed interactive suites and engaging lessons that facilitated meaningful learning experiences. Our meticulous Development & Engineering expertise was infused into every aspect of the development process, resulting in an effortless and user-friendly platform.

Thanks to PSh's EdTech knowledge and independent yet collaborative approach, Kiddom witnessed a transformative impact on education. Teachers gained the ability to deliver personalized instruction tailored to each student's unique needs. Our platform equipped educators with intuitive tools for efficient communication, progress tracking, and data-driven insights.

The platform empowered students to take ownership of their learning journey. With access to engaging lessons and interactive tools, learners thrived in an inclusive and dynamic environment. Personalized feedback and real-time assessments fueled their growth and success.

The collaboration between Kiddom and PSh became a beacon of innovation in education, inspiring a community of passionate educators and eager learners. By harnessing technology and pedagogical expertise, we laid the foundation for a brighter future, where every student can unlock their full potential in a knowledge-driven world.

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