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A Prehistoric Adventure in the Virtual World: Spartan Trail's Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Experience

Our partnership with Spartan Trail on the Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous project exemplified the adventure that unfolds in the virtual world. Despite the tight time frame, we successfully developed a web app that provided children with a captivating and rewarding experience. By combining physical activities, gamification elements, and a global leaderboard, we created a unique and engaging virtual camp. The platform's increased usage and the addition of new activities and challenges were a testament to the project's success.

When Spartan Trail embarked on the Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous project for their Spartan Kids business unit, time was of the essence. Creativity often demands immediate production, and the challenge was to create a virtual event app in record time (25 days). This endeavor required alignment and coordination with the Product Owner, the ability to prioritize and provide options, proactive thinking, a shared passion for the product, an understanding of strengths and weaknesses, and knowing when and how to take action to meet deadlines. Choosing the right technology and animation techniques, as well as creating a user flow that could be implemented within the given timeframe, were critical considerations.

PSh's solution was to develop a web app for a virtual camp that engaged children and families through physical activities. In a remarkably short time, we designed a user flow that rewarded children for completing activities, accumulating points, and aiming for a top spot on the global leaderboard. The streamlined asset creation process played a key role in meeting the tight timeline.

Our solution stood out because it addressed the challenges of engaging children during a pandemic when group activities were restricted. We successfully created a hybrid summer camp experience, blending the physical and digital realms, which garnered great success. This accomplishment served as the foundation for similar initiatives.

The results were remarkable. The platform's usage increased, and additional activities and challenges were added to the hybrid virtual camp, further extending the platform's lifespan and user engagement.

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