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The Magic of Disney: A Memorable Run Experience

PSh's collaboration with Disney Magic Run exemplified the magic of delivering a seamless and memorable run experience. By effectively translating Disney’s historic brand to the Disney Magic Run website , implementing lead generation strategies, and prioritizing secure transactions, we enabled thousands of participants to engage with the event. With our expertise in scalable and stable solutions, combined with the meticulous adherence to Disney's brand guidelines, we helped create an unforgettable race experience that truly captured the essence of Disney magic.

Disney Magic Run, a large-scale sporting event featuring a prominent brand, required swift promotional solutions for a city race. Our focus was on effectively translating Disney’s magic to a website and creating supporting promotional materials to generate leads. Additionally, we ensured secure transaction processes for ticket purchases and ensured immediate responsiveness to any changes, all while operating under the pressure that comes with organizing such an event for a beloved brand like Disney.

PSh seamlessly integrated with the event organizer, collaborating with other agencies and implementing a cohesive approach. Leveraging the Kanban methodology, we established a streamlined workflow that facilitated efficient communication and minimized errors, even in high-pressure situations. Our commitment to Design & Creativity was evident in every aspect of the event, as we meticulously adhered to Disney's brand guidelines, ensuring the designs perfectly reflected their iconic identity.

The results of the Disney Magic Run were truly remarkable. The website, designed with a focus on UX and UI, attracted thousands of users who registered, checked their race results, and purchased race kits. Our scalable and stable infrastructure ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process. By incorporating Growth Marketing strategies, including impactful Social Media Marketing campaigns and targeted Email Marketing, we generated widespread awareness and maximized participant engagement.

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