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Empowering Enhanced Analytics, Impactful Videos, and Strategic Content Production

AB InBev approached us with challenges related to poor metric installation, a lack of quantifiable web traffic measurement, and the need to produce videos amidst the pandemic. We devised a comprehensive solution to address their needs while incorporating strategic marketing tactics for retail success.

AB InBev sought our expertise due to issues with metric installation and the absence of quantifiable web traffic measurement. Additionally, they required video production services during the pandemic to support their marketing initiatives.

Our solution involved implementing comprehensive metric installations, leveraging our expertise in Growth & Marketing and Assembly. We provided AB InBev with actionable reports, enabling them to gain real-time access to valuable insights. Through collaborative discussions with AB InBev's Development Agency, we executed some of the suggested actions to drive tangible results. As part of our content production capabilities, we also produced a series of impactful "Challenger Stories" videos, showcasing the opportunities and benefits of joining AB InBev.

While our solution may not be inherently disruptive, what sets us apart is our unique approach that emphasizes transparency, full client access, and ownership of the material. Unlike other providers, we prioritize empowering our clients, allowing them to leverage the insights and make data-driven decisions. As a result, the implementation of analytics and metrics within AB InBev's Careers website was significantly improved, supporting their retail growth strategies.

Our collaboration with AB InBev yielded measurable and actionable deliverables, offering valuable insights into their current traffic status and providing a foundation for further improvements. By incorporating growth marketing and strategic content production, we were able to enhance AB InBev's online presence and reinforce their marketing strategy.

With our expertise in Content Production, Growth & Marketing, and Assembly, PSh remains committed to supporting AB InBev's ongoing success.

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