Preserve the legacy of the most famous and celebrated comic strip in Argentine history, both digitally and in print.

Argentine cartoonist Quino’s classic comic strip “Mafalda” portrays society through the lens of a precocious, witty, lovable 6-year old girl who came to be loved the world over.

It was our honor and privilege to present the content created by the celebrated cartoon artist Joaquín Salvador Lavado (pen name “Quino”) to further distribute his popular strip comic Mafalda via a custom app and a series of printed books.  Great care was taken throughout the creative process to maintain the highest of quality standards in presenting imagery for over 1000 individual strips in a limited space with the level of detail that enthusiasts would demand, while capturing the look and feel of a beloved character’s universe.

  • Custom Creative Design
  • Gamification
  • App Design & Development
  • Display Art
  • Custom Mobile Design
  • eCommerce App
  • Print Collateral