Website and app design and development for Dipper, an online community for professionals of color.

Dipper is an online, interactive community and safe space for professionals of color to share their workplace experiences both past and present. They make it easy and safe for members to openly communicate about their time at work, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Dipper is also a solutions platform that provides an outlet for their members to not only build their network but also share resources and reach new heights in their careers.

We completely redesigned Dipper's landing page and created a web app where members are able to give clear and concise insights on organizations through a thoughtful survey. A live, private chat room where people can discuss what’s happening in the workplace today in real-time.  

Also, companies can become premium members and have all data and insights needed to thoughtfully measure their company’s standing, how they can improve and where they shine.

This was a challenging project for which founders had a clear vision and we helped add value to it and develop an attractive, engaging, usable interface.

  • Email Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Curated Assets
  • Web Design & Development