Developing digital efficiency.

BookBookNook is a teaching platform with the mission to ensure equitable access to rigorous and engaging instruction through technology innovation. BookNook encourages student-to-student and student-to-adult interaction with pre-built lessons. They manage large and small group sessions and personalize the lessons to the students, working with early childhood, elementary school, and middle school.

As part of this project, we created a new section on the platform to manage educational programs. By importing bulk data to the platform, we could work together to analyze it and obtain definitions based on the specific needs that arose. We created processes that are executed from the back office to be able to manage the classes of the students and teachers.

In parallel, we worked on polishing current functionalities that BookNook has while implementing UI that enabled teachers to see a schedule of their classes.

A challenge we faced with this project was the number of people involved, which rather than stopping us, encouraged teamwork and implementation of Agile methodologies.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Software development
  • Web Development