To Be or Not to Be: Why The Time for Digital is Now

Things will no longer be the same after Covid-19 pandemic is over and everyone in business, no matter the industry, is already trying to deal with that certainty. We have a unique opportunity to transform and we should take it.

This is certainly a before-and-after moment in history. A lot is being said about digital transformation and why businesses need to forcefully move on that direction even if not planned… It is basically a “transform or die” question since even after lockdown is over, things will not go back to normal for months and even years. This crisis is affecting everyone, but like with everything, some may lose more than others. Which are the most affected industries and HOW can they overcome this crisis? What lessons can we learn from this? 


Events and Entertainment


Time will pass before people get back to meeting in the exact same way that they did before. From family and friends reunions to massive events like concerts, races, tennis, and football matches, all social gatherings will mutate. Companies are already reinventing the way they connect and meet with their audience and public to be prepared for major changes in people’s behavior. 
Given the sheer volume of people working remotely, it’s no surprise to see video chat and online conference apps experiencing explosive growth. Because companies are discovering the benefits behind this format - that many have not tried or allowed in the past -, video conferencing is quickly becoming the alternative to in-person events with organizers realizing how much flexibility this provides, towards having to buy a ticket, queue, travel, and invest all the extra money associated with attending an event. Creating functional and simple websites integrating with video conferencing apps, chats and live streams may be the solution.


Tourism & Lodging


Globally, tourism accounts for 10% of income. It’s a major industry in lots of countries, especially in those most affected by Covid-19, like Spain, Italy, and the US. Even when Covid-19 is eradicated, it will take a long time for the aeronautic, tourism, and lodging industries to start operating as they used to. People are massively canceling their flights and hotel reservations and there’s nothing companies can do about that right now. The losses will be huge, with thousands of employees having been fired already and itineraries reduced on up to 85% by some of the biggest airlines. So how can they start working towards recovery, knowing that it will eventually come, as it did after 9/11, SARS, and N1H1 crises? Clear information, transparency, and new content may be the answer. Companies should keep their customers updated on measures that are being taken to ensure safety and facilities that will be offered to travelers once the situation goes back to normal. New content and projects should be the focus: video and social media are key to be close to customers, encouraging them to reschedule their travel plans after quarantine is over. 


Consumer Goods


With lockdown, many service-based businesses found themselves not ready to continue operating. The clothing and food industries, especially restaurants, bars, shopping stores, and all businesses facing the public, suddenly found themselves in urgent need of an e-commerce or any kind of digital presence that will allow them to survive through the last months. So an online store, digital gift cards, and social media presence would be a good combo to start dabbling into this world that was unknown to many until now.




What will change after lockdown? Will there be a return to students sitting in front of teachers attending endless lessons, masses of homework, and an accumulation of content that makes creative thinking difficult? Given everything that’s being said about the importance of investing in education, access to easy-to-use and engaging content and platforms in schools is a must. The transition to distance and online learning is a fact now and knowing what kind of digital content works best for students should be the focus for teachers moving forward. Basically, considering digitizing content and making it more engaging for those now called digital natives.


The post-crisis landscape is going to look very different. Unlike other crises, the restart after Covid-19 is eradicated is not going to be instantaneous. Like Professor Mohamed El-Erian (Wharton School) said when being asked about the Coronavirus outbreak, “it’s not going to be like flicking a switch”. So the time to start converting is today. How? By taking this crisis as an opportunity: since the main premise is social distancing, it may be time for growing and diving more deeply into the digital world that’s coming. 

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